My name is Rungtham Rodrawangpai. People called me “Ben”. Currently, I’m a Data Scientist at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. I graduated from DePaul University. My major was Predictive Analytics (aka. Data Science), which emphasizes technical proficiency and practical experience with advanced skills in data mining, multivariate statistics, machine learning, and database processing.

Please check this link out for my resume.

  1. DePaul University (CDM), Chicago, IL
    • Master of Science in Predictive Analytics; GPA 3.98.
  2. King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineer.

Work Experience
  1. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. – Associate Data Scientist
    • UL Data Lake Dashboard: Developed a data portal that consolidates data from multiple databases, which helps Engineering team and Marketing team obtain access to multiple data sources, curated for content and quality, to support their analysis and research.
    • Safety Mark Detection: Applied machine learning - object detection methods and trained an algorithm to detect UL Marks on the uploaded pictures to the website, thus providing the opportunity to find potentially unsafe products that have been certified.
    • Recommendation System: Implemented recommendation engines using content-based filtering that sort through data to find incidents of a similar nature to the ones currently being viewed. Term Frequency (TF) and Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) are used in the algorithm.
    • Data Collection: Developed automated web scraping tools or used the API to collect data from multiple sources. Extracted and inserted bulk data into MongoDB and Elasticsearch. Also providing a REST API to other business units to access for their analysis and research.
    • Data Engineer: Set up and designed Data Science Stack on cloud infrastructure using Ubuntu as a Server OS, Nginx as a web server and reverse proxy, Flask as web microservice, MongoDB and Elasticsearch as a database.
    • Product Failure Classification: Developed Predictive modeling using Neural Network (TensorFlow) and Natural Language Processing (NLTK) to classify types of product failure.
    • UL Safety Index: Led the technical effort for the UL Safety Index and wrote the R script to analyze trend over time, calculate the Pearson’s and Spearman’s correlation coefficient and create an interactive dashboard using R Shiny.
  2. DePaul University – IT and Software Support
    • Advising and resolving hardware and software related issues for students’ personal computers.
  3. Thomson Reuters - Associate Support Consultant
    • Investigated and troubleshooting products problem and provided technical support.

Programming Skills
  • Languages: Python, R, SQL, JavaScript, HTML
  • Technologies: Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Flask, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, R Shiny, Hadoop, AWS, Azure, Unix, Nginx